Wednesday 25 October 2017

External Window Blinds

Protect your home from the sun with our stylish range of exterior blinds and shades. The blinds act as a barrier on windows and patios, helping you save on energy costs and making your heating and cooling work more effectively. The exterior blinds come in roll up, retractable and entertainer styles and there's a wide range of colours and sizes to choose from. 

The advantage of an external blind is that it keeps the sun off the glass and is far more effective at reducing heat than an internal blind.Exterior blinds and awnings can reduce entry of solar energy by up to 80%.

By comparison, solar film or interior blinds typically offer 40% protection – source: CSIRO Division of Building Research. A difference of about 70-75% reduction in cooling requirements is obtained when interior blinds are replaced by an external shading system.They are hard wearing and easy to clean.Blinds can be fully automatic for ease of use, with optional sensors to adjust for sun, wind or rain.

External Aluminium Shutters are ideal for decks, patios, balcony’s, court yards and wet areas, and can be installed horizontally or vertically.

Our aluminium aero-foil blades keep out the hot sun and rain, but give you control over air flow and light, while maintaining security and privacy from neighbours.

  • Covers the whole window area 
  • Can be stopped at any position over the entire drop of the window
  • Covers whole window area
  • Suited to larger windows and openings.
We offer these blinds with either spring loaded or chain operated systems for convenient opening and closing – whichever suits you best. We can also offer motorised operation solutions, with motors from trusted and reliable suppliers such as Somfy, Acmeda and Becker. This allows for convenient remote operation.

Talk to our experienced and friendly Alfresco Blinds Co team today – give us a call at 1300 735 077 or email if you have any enquiries.

Roller Blinds absolutely Suit any variety of Window. They’re styled to fit your Home Design Be It trendy, up to date or ancient. Australian Window Covering offers Sleek and enticing look To Any area In Your Home. AWC became the most recent Trend and area unit very Versatile. You’ll be able to choose from a good vary of pleasant Designer materials, colors, And Textures. Sheer and light-weight Filtering materials to realize the proper Level of sunshine management and warmth Protection. Roller area unit Designed to produce Complete Blackout for any area that makes them absolutely Suit for Child's Bedrooms, Conference Rooms, building Rooms and Audio Visual Rooms. AWC offers made-to-order Window Roller Blinds in Melbourne at reasonable value. They’re simple to take care of, simply associate Occasional Wipe With a humid artifact or lightweight Vacuum Keeps contemporary and warmth goes into summer and therefore the heat contained throughout winter.

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