Wednesday 25 October 2017

Outdoor Blinds Awnings

Outdoor Blinds Awnings


You can optimise and beautify your windows with outdoor awnings and blinds that project minimally outwards. Add a jolt of colour and character to your Melbourne home’s fa├žade by dressing up your windows. Our window awnings come in a large range of hood designs and bottom trims so you can customise your design for a personalised touch.


Excellent performance against nature’s elements is a key benefit of these blinds. Outdoor window awnings screen the sun’s glare and heat more effectively than interior blinds. Tough, durable fabrics and fixtures retain their sleek appearance and protective qualities season after season, allowing you to extend the longevity of your furniture and flooring while creating a great first impression.

Select from a range of canvas fabrics that provide 100% UV blockout outdoor blinds, or retain your views by selecting one of our many external screen fabrics which allows light into your home.

Whether you’re after motorised options, or awnings with manual winding cranks, wire-guides, ropes and poles, you’ll find all that you need here at Alfresco Blinds Co.

Our window awnings come in a range of prints, including classic strip and block colour to give your home a fresh and contemporary look. No matter how your Melbourne home is styled, you are sure to find the perfect products here to suit your needs.


The Automatic outdoor window awning is the most common and affordable solution to shade and protect your windows, keeping your home cool in summer. Featuring a number of benefits, automatic awnings operates on a side guide self locking arm system that allows for easy adjustments – simply use your hand or the pull stick to suit your desired position.

Automatic Outdoor Awnings maximise space with minimal projection and offer a wide range of guide arm lengths, which can be tailored to your suit your style and specifications. Choose from a variety of colours to fit the colour scheme of your home.


  • Block UV rays by up to 95%
  • Awnings reduce sunlight, heat and glare on your windows, this in turn reduces your interior temperature and cooling costs
  • Lower’s energy consumption by up to 30%
  • 3 times more effective at heat control than interior treatments
  • Block UV rays by up to 95%
  • Protects from sun damage to flooring, furnishings, fixtures, fitting and stock
  • All Stainless Steel Components to ensure longevity
  • Ideal for sun protection, privacy and offers a stylish and modern finish
  • Our range includes new installations, or we can replace the fabric on your existing awnings to save you money
  • Durable fabric ensures that your blinds retain performance and attractive appearance over time

Roller Blinds absolutely Suit any variety of Window. They’re styled to fit your Home Design Be It trendy, up to date or ancient. Australian Window Covering offers Sleek and enticing look To Any area In Your Home. AWC became the most recent Trend and area unit very Versatile. You’ll be able to choose from a good vary of pleasant Designer materials, colors, And Textures. Sheer and light-weight Filtering materials to realize the proper Level of sunshine management and warmth Protection. Roller area unit Designed to produce Complete Blackout for any area that makes them absolutely Suit for Child's Bedrooms, Conference Rooms, building Rooms and Audio Visual Rooms. AWC offers made-to-order Window Roller Blinds in Melbourne at reasonable value. They’re simple to take care of, simply associate Occasional Wipe With a humid artifact or lightweight Vacuum Keeps contemporary and warmth goes into summer and therefore the heat contained throughout winter.

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