Wednesday 13 September 2017

Traditional canvas awning blinds also know as automatics are the most economical way to shield your windows from the harsh Melbourne sun. They have proven them selves over the years to be robust and a practical way to reduce sun glare and internal temperatures by providing shade and preventing Melbourne's hot sun from hitting the glass.


When an economical way is required to shield from the sun and reduce internal temperatures. Generally used on single storey windows and sometimes on verandahs with posts. Mainly used on domestic homes.


Canvas awnings Melbourne also known as automatics operated by pulling the blind down with a special stick which makes the guide arms pop out automatically (hence the name). The guide arm are available from 150mm to 900mm in length and the blind can be stopped to any height along the guide rods. The awnings can be made up to 4.5 meters wide with a 2.7 meter drop. They generally use canvas as the fabric but Vistaweave has become popular of late as it still provides sun glare and heat protection while still allowing you to view out.


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