Sunday 17 September 2017

Custom Outdoor Shades


Exterior shades are preferred and installed not just to add to the appearance of a house, but also to make it energy efficient. You will be surprised to know that carefully selected or custom outdoor shades can reduce heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer to a great extent. When properly installed, shades can be one of the most effective and simplest outdoor space treatments for saving energy.
There are varieties of options available in style, color, and materials when it comes to exterior shades. In fact, custom outdoor shades are one of the easiest and most economical ways to shade your outdoor area. With these shades, you can give your outdoor area a stylish and unique concept due to the exclusive as well as symmetrical designs they are available in. They not just provide protection from the sun and its harmful radiation, but custom outdoor shades are also available at reasonable cost as compared to building any kind of permanent structure instead.  
Depending on the look you want for your outdoors or your backyard, you can have sophisticated to ruggedly made outdoor shade system.
Benefits of custom outdoor shades
  1. Provides up to 97% blockage from sun’s harmful rays
  2. Helps prevent sunburn and cancer
  3. Help keep outdoor temperature under control with cooling shade
  4. Adds style and elegance to the property
  5. Makes your outdoor living area more inviting and attractive for guests
  6. Installing custom outdoor shades is an easy and inexpensive way to keep your outdoor cool
  7. Help keep away bugs and insects from entering
  8. Help get the right amount of light needed for perfect visibility
  9. Comes in different sizes, shapes, and colors to choose from
  10. Protects your furniture and furnishings from getting damaged from direct sunlight
  11. Custom outdoor shades can be used to replace awnings, canopies, and umbrellas
  12. Easy to remove and install
  13. Can be used for pools, plants, decks and porches to make the maximum use of the spaces regardless of the season
  14. Are highly durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions
  15. Needs little or no maintenance usually
Custom outdoor shades are very easy to install and can be attached to homes, trees or any free-standing steel or wooden poles. Using proper hardware, you can connect to a house and cover the open area between two buildings. However, if you need shades in an open area, you simply need poles embedded in concrete footings for support.Custom outdoor shades can be left all the year round or easily removed for seasonal use.
The only precaution needed in installing these shades is that it should be removed in areas where there is heavy snowfall because snow loads could possibly damage them. No matter where you live or what weather conditions you mostly face, it is advisable to follow the instructions of the manufacturer and installer of your custom outdoor shades. It is advisable to select a good company and best fitting color, design, shape and material to stay relieved completely.

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