Thursday 14 September 2017


Alfresco Blinds Co offers a quality range of outdoor blinds for both domestic and commercial use in Melbourne. The range includes: shade mesh, outdoor mesh, sunshade and motorised outdoor blinds. From sleek modern designs such as the Ziptrak right through to the classic PVC café style, Alfresco Blinds Co Melbourne has the answer to all your open-air window shade needs.


The Ziptrak sunshade style provides a sleek modern alternative to enclose your outdoor space. Through its unique track system design, the Ziptrak screens allow for easy operation. Whether you are after motorised blinds or a manual system, the Zipscreen Alfresco offers great protection from the harsh Melbourne elements such as UV rays, rain and wind. The sunshades are designed for large residential or commercial use and can be tailored to your specific needs. Furthermore, these easy to operate Ziptrak shades were designed with effortlessness and style in mind, allowing for a great solution to external blind needs.
The outdoor awnings range adds beauty and protection to your home or workplace. These outside blinds project outward minimally while protecting you from the elements and can be made with canvas, acrylic or mesh materials. Retain visibility to the great outdoors by choosing one of the outdoor mesh materials, allowing light in whilst not compromising on protection.


Spring loaded external blinds are also a great addition to any outdoor area. These blinds provide a simple yet effective alternative to the motorised style for Melbourne homes. Their crank handle action with zero visible ropes or channels provides a sleek, easy design to complement your outside area.
No café or bistro area is complete without the classic PVC Café style protection. These outside blinds provide a perfect windbreak from the harsh Melbourne elements while still allowing in light from the sun. If glare is an issue, Alfresco Blinds Co can provide a tinted or sunshade mesh option.


Alfresco Blinds Co Melbourne provides a 5 year guarantee on the large external shades range to ensure customer satisfaction and peace of mind. Whatever your window protection needs, Alfresco Blinds Co has the ultimate custom or pre-made solution to fit perfectly with your home or business. Our outdoor blinds are available from our Melbourne store or can also be purchased online.


You can optimise and beautify your windows with outdoor awnings and blinds that project minimally outwards. Add a jolt of colour and character to your Melbourne home’s façade by dressing up your windows. Our window awnings come in a large range of hood designs and bottom trims so you can customise your design for a personalised touch.


Excellent performance against nature’s elements is a key benefit of these blinds. Outdoor window awnings screen the sun’s glare and heat more effectively than interior blinds. Tough, durable fabrics and fixtures retain their sleek appearance and protective qualities season after season, allowing you to extend the longevity of your furniture and flooring while creating a great first impression.
Select from a range of canvas fabrics that provide 100% UV blockout outdoor blinds, or retain your views by selecting one of our many external screen fabrics which allows light into your home.
Whether you’re after motorised options, or awnings with manual winding cranks, wire-guides, ropes and poles, you’ll find all that you need here at Alfresco Blinds Co.
Our window awnings come in a range of prints, including classic strip and block colour to give your home a fresh and contemporary look. No matter how your Melbourne home is styled, you are sure to find the perfect products here to suit your needs.


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