Tuesday 12 September 2017

Awnings Melbourne


You can optimise and beautify your windows with outdoor awnings and blinds that project minimally outwards. Add a jolt of colour and character to your Melbourne home’s façade by dressing up your windows. Our window awnings melbourne come in a large range of hood designs and bottom trims so you can customise your design for a personalised touch.


Excellent performance against nature’s elements is a key benefit of these blinds. Outdoor window awnings screen the sun’s glare and heat more effectively than interior blinds. Tough, durable fabrics and fixtures retain their sleek appearance and protective qualities season after season, allowing you to extend the longevity of your furniture and flooring while creating a great first impression.
Select from a range of canvas fabrics that provide 100% UV blockout outdoor blinds, or retain your views by selecting one of our many external screen fabrics which allows light into your home.
Whether you’re after motorised options, or awnings with manual winding cranks, wire-guides, ropes and poles, you’ll find all that you need here at Alfresco Blinds Co.
Our window awnings come in a range of prints, including classic strip and block colour to give your home a fresh and contemporary look. No matter how your Melbourne home is styled, you are sure to find the perfect products here to suit your needs.


  • Block UV rays by up to 95%
  • Awnings reduce sunlight, heat and glare on your windows, this in turn reduces your interior temperature and cooling costs
  • Lower’s energy consumption by up to 30%
  • 3 times more effective at heat control than interior treatments
  • Block UV rays by up to 95%
  • Protects from sun damage to flooring, furnishings, fixtures, fitting and stock
  • All Stainless Steel Components to ensure longevity
  • Ideal for sun protection, privacy and offers a stylish and modern finish
  • Our range includes new installations, or we can replace the fabric on your existing awnings to save you money
  • Durable fabric ensures that your blinds retain performance and attractive appearance over time

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