Tuesday 12 September 2017

This design of canopy will add character and flair to any window or doorway for residential or commercial buildings, offering durability and sun protection. Fabrics and colors are available in Brella Canvas, and Acrylic ranges.

One of the more popular methods of protecting doorways and windows from the elements, these canopy and awnings are fixed and project to a desired measurement allowing for shelter and how much light is required. Dutch canopy awnings are mounted to the wall above the opening and extend outwards, providing a roof of sorts over the ground below. Anyone standing underneath it will be protected from the elements.

Where to Use

Although they can be used in residential applications, we have found that dutch hood awnings for windows are a popular fixture on commercial, shop and restaurant premises. This is because they provide adequate protection against the elements, including sun and rain, without encroaching too much on the footpath. They can also be sign written, allowing businesses to further their marketing whilst providing potential customers with protection.

The good news is that most window canopy designs are relatively easy to look after, particularly if you regularly dust them to remove built up debris. This can be achieved with a hard bristled brush or broom. For a more thorough clean, the window canopies can also be hosed down. Spot clean stains and other marks using a brush and mild detergent solution. If the hood is retractable, be sure to retract it during inclement weather to avoid damage.

  • Wide range of fabrics and colours to choose from
  • Wide range of styles to choose from (bullnose to eyelid)
  • Comprise rust-resistant aluminium frames
  • Can be sign written if desired

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