Monday 14 August 2017



Café awnings or Bistro blinds, as they are commonly known, will bring a touch of the Café lifestyle to your home or business in Melbourne.
This new, fashionable and easy blinds system is available in both Clear PVC and Mesh. These blinds are perfectly suited to commercial eateries but their benefits are just as welcome in your home. As they can be opened or closed in seconds, you can adapt to nature’s ever changing whims by letting light and breeze into your premises, or you can weather storms with inbuilt lock-down security features.
Café awnings are controlled either a hand-rolled system or a rope-and-pulley control option; we have also integrated high grade Marine grade zips to stand the test of time with constant use.
Alternatively if you prefer a tracked system with no zips, no straps, no buckles and no ropes, please look at our Ziptrak outdoor cafe blinds available Melbourne-wide either through our store or online. Get in touch with our Alfresco Blinds Co team if you have any questions regarding our selection of bistro blinds. We can also provide advice and ideas on how our blinds can fit in with your residential or commercial property’s aesthetic.


  • PVC bistro blinds can create an additional room that can be enjoyed throughout Melbourne’s harsh summer months and cold winters.
  • All of our products and components are Australian designed and manufactured.
  • Protect outdoor furniture from the rain and pot plants from the wind
  • Our PVC bistro blinds and café blinds are available in varying widths (up to 4300 mm) and drops (up to 3200mm), making them a versatile solution for any sized alfresco opening.
  • Patio blinds are ideal for protecting outdoor furniture from wind, rain and dust.
  • Bistro café blinds are available in 1mm or 0.75mm clear or tinted PVC, ensuring you can remain comfortable in any weather without views being obstructed.
  • They’re made from high-quality PVC and mesh screen shades that are marine-grade, making them durable and long-lasting.
  • Patio café blinds will add value to your home when it’s time to sell.
  • Outdoor shades are ideal for both residential premises and commercial properties.
  • Alfresco Blinds Co offers a 5 year guarantee that covers both the products and installation.
  • Bistro blinds are versatile and can accommodate most shapes and sizes of any alfresco, patio, pergola or gazebo.
  • The blinds can be operated manually by hand or rolled up and down with a rope and pulley system.
  • PVC bistro blinds are secured to the sides via zippers and down the bottom with storm tie-down clips, making them a strong and sturdy solution.
  • Our cafe awnings and bistro blinds include high-quality spiral zips, allowing for smooth operation with no jamming.
  • Alfresco Blinds Co offers a large range of outdoor blinds solution, including cafe blinds, crank blinds, Ziptrak blinds, and more – all tailored to your requirements.


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