Monday 14 August 2017


Are you interested in an exterior shutters makeover? Are your wood shutters showing signs of rot? Are you planning to revamp them?  Every five or so years it seems like you have to pass through this cycle again and again of getting your shutters replaced and now you're contemplating to do it again. Your worries have come to an end, my friend! We can easily solve this problem of yours by installing PVC shutters. They are a viable alternative with guaranteed no rotting and virtually maintenance-free.  
Alfresco Blinds deals in exclusive PVC shutters in Melbourne. There is a small difference in pricing as compared to other shutters. However, the long-term payoff can be massive to you as a homeowner. PVC shutters require special installation which differs from traditional wood shutters. This is partly because of the thermal nature they possess. This material is presently being used in the industry for exterior trim uses and window boxes.

    Benefits of PVC shutters:
    • An Inviting Look: Our PVC shutters have a warm and inviting look, just like timber. In addition, the paint finish on PVC shutters doesn’t chip, crack or fade as rapidly as it would from timber. Also, it requires far less maintenance. You can patiently choose from our wide range of PVC shutters.  
    • Protection from Sunlight: All shutters serve to help protect you from sunlight, but PVC is specially made to be able to resist ultraviolet rays. PVC shutters also protect your fabrics and walls inside from fading. In addition to this, PVC shutters help to trap solar heat to keep your home insulated against the cold on freezing winter days.
    • Unbelievable Durability: PVC shutters are guaranteed to last for years to come. They are highly resistant to oxidative reactions. This clearly means that your shutters will not rust over time, no matter how much and how long they are exposed to a moist environment. So go ahead and use our PVC shutters in the kitchen and bathroom, too!
    • Cost-Effective: PVC is a very commonly available synthetic material. It is cheap and is incredibly affordable without sacrificing style and performance.
    • Environment-friendly: PVC contributes very less to carbon emissions, from production to use to recycling. It uses very less natural resources to be manufactured, as it is 57 percent chlorine that is derived from salt. In addition to this, the thermal insulation properties of PVC shutters help you save energy costs on cooling and heating your home.

    So what are you waiting for? Give us a buzz and take home high-quality PVC shutters at an affordable price!


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