Sunday 13 August 2017

Looking to install indoor roller blinds that are not only practical but are on the very cutting edge of contemporary style? Discover the quality matte and sheer roller blinds available in Melbourne from Alfresco Blinds Co.

Their relevance and modern styling doesn’t mean that they can’t be versatile, though. These products come in a wide range of textured fabrics, colours and designs – an excellent choice for absolutely any kind of interior in your home.


Whether you need 100% blockout from UV rays, heat and glare, a simple screen or a light filtering fabric, these indoor roller blinds can be customised to provide any room in your house with just the right level of heat and natural light.

It’s easy to combine two of these products to create double roller blinds for added versatility, allowing you to change your window coverings throughout the day and night without swapping out your furnishings. This is also a great way to change the look of any interior in an instant!


A favourite option for many homes and commercial premises in Melbourne, indoor roller blinds perfectly complement any modern or traditional aesthetic, and can be fully customised to suit most any size or shape of window. Simply talk to our team about the options we have available.

We offer these blinds with either spring loaded or chain operated systems for convenient opening and closing – whichever suits you best. We can also offer motorised operation solutions, with motors from trusted and reliable suppliers such as Somfy, Acmeda and Becker. This allows for convenient remote operation.

Talk to our experienced and friendly Alfresco Blinds Co team today – give us a call at 1300 735 077 or email if you have any enquiries.

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