Wednesday 16 August 2017

Zip Track Blinds Melbourne

Ziptrak Blinds, available in Melbourne from Alfresco Blinds Co, were designed because people wanted a unique product that was easy to operate and did not leave gaps. How they differ from other zip track blinds is their specially designed, slotted side tracks which enable the blind to glide smoothly and easily up and down, stopping where you want it.

The blind is held using a cordura tape called Kedar. This Kedar is high frequency welded to the fabric (not stitched as it looks ugly) and comes in four colours: white, beige, primrose and black. The black has a tendency to fade slightly so ends up looking a dark charcoal colour.


Zip track blinds are used if you want to close off or protect an outdoor living area against the elements and where posts or a wall are present to fix the tracks to. They are ideally suited for alfrescos, pergolas and outdoor living areas in either the domestic, hospitality and commercial sectors. Because they use tracks for the fabric to slide into and keep tight, posts or a wall will need to be present to fix them to. If none are a available then permanent posts or even detachable ones can be fitted.


Ziptrak blinds employ a track system which the fabric slides into and is prevented from coming out because of a special spline that’s attached to it. The spline helps keep tension in the tracks which allows the fabric to stop at any position. They can be operated by spring or winder as well as be motorised. Spans of 4.5 metres by 3.3 metre drops are achievable for the Ziptrack blinds. Different fabrics can also be used depending on your needs like Japaneses clear and tinted PVC or American made Vistaweave. They have been tested to winds up to 90km when made with Vistaweave.


Zip track blinds can be mounted with either heavy duty brackets, Colourbond hoods or full cassettes boxes. Available track and component colours include  Black, White, Cream, Paperbark and Woodland Grey. Powder-coating is also available if needed. Several different locking systems are used like push locks, center locks and reverse locks for opening from the outside. Fixed powder-coated posts or detachable joining post are also available. Large choice of leading fabrics and colours to choose from. Motorisation with remote control can also be arranged.

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